November 2017

Year 1 Witney Partnership Dance Workshop 27.11.17

“For the warm up we did Duck, Duck, Goose and it was very, very good. When I chose Daniel, he didn’t catch me!”        Imogen

“We performed a dance with monkeys and frogs in it and whoever was the frog had to jump around like a frog on the floor. The monkeys had to jump using their arms and go side to side.”     Isla

“I enjoyed the dancing and when we did the acting with a Jungle Book dance which was really good. The other children performed it to us and then we performed it to them.”     Jake


October 2017



Click here for more information about our Pirates and Fairies Day based on our Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust topic!








Year 1 continue to be busy this term!

We have enjoyed learning about Harvest and how it is celebrated during Harvest Festival. We went to church carrying a large picture of a basket of fruit that we had created using mark making and paint which we now have displayed in our classroom! Our focus has continued to be on learning to write a full sentence using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We are practising this whenever we can; even in our Harvest writing!

We have read lots of stories already this term and have been enjoying texts around Harvest and healthy eating. One book that has inspired us is ‘Oliver’s Fruit salad’ by Vivian French. We were so inspired that we created a fruit salad of our own which we did find delicious. Our work around this story inspired the class to make a fruit salad from various ‘items’ in the classroom, create a bowl of ‘lego fruit’ and tell the story to the class themselves!

We continue to enjoy learning about pirates and fairies and have made lovely peg doll puppets of them. They are all our own work so we are really proud of them. We are now looking forward to the end of term where we have a dress up day so we can spend the time doing all things around Fairies and pirates!



It has been a busy start for Year 1 this term. Our topic ‘Faith, trust and Pixie Dust’ has begun with us finding out all about pirates, what they wore and the ships they sailed in! We have been labelling details about them onto our pictures and creating our own pirate ships from construction materials. In a corner of our classroom, there is a pirate ship and it is a popular destination where children try out being a pirate, complete with hats, parrots and a ‘Jolly Roger’ flag! Our next focus is to find out all about fairies; what they look like and how they behave!

In Year 1, we are reading lots of different books to help us in our learning. Along with finding out about pirates, our class have also been bringing in favourite story books to school for us to share and it has been pleasing to see that the children in Year 1 obviously like all sorts of books! In our reading corner, there are pictures of our class (complete with pirate hats) reading one of their favourite stories and looking happy as they do so!

Our new Year 1 children have made an enthusiastic and positive start to the academic year and we are looking forward to working with them!

Mrs King, Ms Butt and Mrs Coggins