Year 3 and 4 trip to Chedworth

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Our trip to Chedworth Roman Villa

This week we have visited Chedworth Roman Villa to learn about life in Roman times. After our very interesting tour, we had a handling artefacts session where we got to sort and discuss things that had been found at the villa such as stones, bones, pottery pieces and shells. Then we had a workshop where we dressed up as Roman slaves! We ground herbs and spices to make Roman medicine sachets.

Favourite Things

  • Finn  – My favourite part was seeing where the hot tub because it looked relaxing.
  • Mary Rose – I liked when we were being slaves because we got to make medicine bags.
  • Jack  – My favourite part was looking at the Roman toilets because I learnt that they used sponges on sticks instead of toilet paper.
  • Isabelle  – I liked seeing the outdoor cold bath because it looked nice.

Interesting Facts

  • Mitchell  – The Romans ate snails, oysters and door mice.
  • Xander  – I learnt that they used the hypocaust system to create underfloor heating.
  • Isabelle  – They used vinegar to kill all of the germs off of the sponges.