November 2017

Learning even more about the Romans in a fun, action-packed workshop. Photos here.

October 2017




Year 4 building a Sukkot as part of their RE learning.

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Yesterday Sarah from the Oxford Synagogue visited year 4 as part of our work on Judaism. Our key question is ‘How special is the relationship Jews have with God?’ and we have been exploring this over the last few weeks. Sarah brought lots of interesting things from the synagogue to show us. She brought a Torah which is a huge scroll and like our Bible full of stories and prayers. She brought mezuzahs which are special little cases which Jews fill with prayers and put on their doors to remind them to pray and to think of God. She even brought a model Sukkot which is a hut which Jews build in their gardens every year to celebrate Harvest. We have asked Miss Mortimer if she will help us build our own Sukkot in the Forest School area! It was a brilliant afternoon and we learnt so much about Jewish people, their faith and their festivals. Thank you Sarah!



                                                    Here’s one we baked earlier…!

Take a look at us making our Harvest Loaves. We made one to  keep for our Harvest service and one to eat!