Year 3 Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday 1st November, year three had an outdoor learning day and it was great fun. We had to bring in clothes that we didn’t mind getting dirty. We had to bring in spades and shovels too.


We needed to make 2D shapes out of bamboo canes. We made squares, rectangles and triangles and pictures out of the canes. We learnt about right angles and found them around the playground and made them using canes. We stood by our pictures and had a photo in our groups. I learnt a lot and I enjoyed it.


We were doing it to make a new school sign for nursery and for our Art award project. A lady called Becky Paton came in to do it with us. We had designed it ourselves and she liked our work. She chose a bee, a flower and a rainbow. I thought Becky was good. I had to stick little pieces of mosaic onto a big piece of wood.


In gardening we tied a rope onto a bamboo stick and pulled the rope around the stick to make a circle for our flowerbed. Miss Stephens and Mrs Cooper sprayed some paint so we knew where to dig. We went to do digging with Mrs Cooper because we were planting spring bulbs and in the spring they will grow to a flower but we had to dig a very big hole to put them in. We got muddy!

Art and Maths and English

We drew some circles like we did in the garden but this time with proper compasses. We used flower petals and other things we found to rub on paper, leaving colour on it. Then we described the colours using adjectives and wrote it down. Mine were ‘Cloudy yellow’, ‘Cave purple’, ‘Nature green’, Soft Sundown Orange’.

At the end of the day we made sound maps and then we designed our own perfumes using things that we found. We had to write about our perfume and think of a good name for it then we had to persuade Miss Stephens to buy it for Christmas!

Written by Year 3