Collective Worship is an important time of our school day when we come together as a
school, Key Stage or Class to worship, pray, reflect and celebrate. Collective Worship is
held daily and focusses on our current value. We often have visitors who lead Collective
Worship – often representatives from the Church or local charitable organisations.
At key times of the Christian calendar we hold our Collective Worship at St
Bartholomew’s Church. These are very special times and our
children love to visit the Church and reflect there.
Our children lead their class Collective Worship weekly and are given time to plan and
prepare their ideas. Each term a class presents to the whole school and parents and
these assemblies are followed by visits to the classroom to find out more about the
Our Celebration Assemblies on Fridays are always popular as children share
their achievements from home, we celebrate events in school and come together with
the whole school community.