Our Design and technology curriculum aims to be inspiring and practical; a subject which requires children at our school to research, investigate and develop responses to a range of challenges; allowing them to develop their skills in designing, creating and evaluation. Our design and technology curriculum encourages children in our school to be brave, take risks and be innovative in their thinking!

Through a broad and rich curriculum, we dare children to engage in creative thinking to solve a problem, enable them to discover the skills and knowledge that they already have to apply to a task and respond to it successfully and do their best in designing, making and evaluating a response to a real, relevant challenge! Our Christian values alongside our school mission statements ‘Dare. Discover. Do.’ are at the heart of a curriculum where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our teaching aims to cover the statutory requirements of the DT curriculum in an engaging and relevant way. Lessons are stimulating and allow children the opportunity to be responsible for their own learning outcomes from identifying a need, into designing, making and finally evaluating their response to it.

Design and technology in our school is embedded in the curriculum so that the purpose of tasks is obvious to our children. Sessions can be as stand-alone ones where Design and technology knowledge and skills are practised, or they can occur organically as the learning unfolds within topic based creative learning opportunities. Long term plans ensure that knowledge and skills are practised and built upon in order to ensure full and relevant coverage of the curriculum.

Our children are encouraged to be curious and brave when it comes to DT tasks, resilient enough to keep working on them when it is difficult and confident enough to try different solutions to help them complete them. Children are encouraged to reflect on what they have done and how they could approach things differently next time in order to build on their knowledge and decision making skills.

Within our design and technology provision, children are taught about where food comes from and how to prepare a nutritional dish alongside teaching an understanding of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

Children’s learning in design and technology is assessed by teachers using a progression framework which shows how skills and knowledge are built upon as their learning and experience progresses throughout their time in our school. Vocabulary is taught and modelled appropriately so that children have a range of terminology that they can use accurately.

Membership of data.org ensures that we are able to keep up to date on what is happening in the world of design and technology and ensures that our provision is as informed on current thinking as possible. Visitors who have experience of design and technology in the workplace are invited to visit our school to showcase what uses DT and can be put to in real life. These visitors are an area of expertise which provides valuable opportunities to enrich our children’s learning experience.


We want the children of our school to:

Dare to engage in creative thinking to solve a problem. 

Discover the skills they have from all aspects of their learning can be applied to a task as they respond to it.

Do their best to design, make and evaluate a response to a real or relevant problem.


Our 3D printer loan- Using Tinkercad and Ultimaker Cura