What can my child access on Teams? 

Teams is part of ‘Microsoft Office 365’ and by logging in to this they will have access to useful programmes such as Teams, Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Sway and Notebook.

On Teams, your child can access work set in ‘Assignments’, a ‘Class Notebook’ that they may be encouraged to use much later on once everyone is familiar with the platform and ‘Posts’ (mainly from the class teacher). The class teacher may also have uploaded useful documents to the ‘Files’ tab too.

Will they be able to video/call/ livestream each other? 

No, this function of Teams has been disabled.

What if my child loses/ compromises/ forgets their log in details and password? 

Get in touch with the school and we will reset passwords or make log in details available to you again.

Who can see my child’s work? 

Only Team Owners (usually the class teacher) and your child can see work uploaded in Assignments.

Can my child add themselves to any team? 

No. Only the ‘Team Owner’ (the class teacher) can add people to a team.

Who can contact them? Who can they make contact with? 

The ‘Outlook’ email facility in Office 365 has been disabled as has ‘chat’ within the Teams app however within your child’s class team, they can make contact with other team members including their teacher via posts visible to all.

Who can see my child’s posts?

Posts are visible to anyone in the Team so it is important that your child knows this. They would have been told this in their class lessons when they were introduced to the platform.

What if there’s posts that are of concern? Who is checking them?

Before your child was issued with a log in to Teams, the ‘Code of Conduct’ should have been discussed with them and agreed. Any misuse of the platform will be taken seriously and school should be informed if you believe this to be happening. The Team owner (usually the class teacher) will be overseeing their team and ensuring correct use of the platform.

Can a child delete posts? 

No. Once a comment has been posted then they are not able to remove it.

Do I need to change any settings?

No. We have worked with our ICT advisory team to try to keep your child’s online activity on Teams as safe as possible.

Do I need to download the app? 

You can use Teams through the web browser or through the app. The app can sometimes be a smoother, easier process.

Practicalities: Help to log in, access work set, upload work, submit work, access feedback. 

Please download the guide on the previous page and this should help. If you would still like some help then do get in contact with us and we will do our best!

How as a parent do I make contact with the class teacher or the school? 

Please make contact via the school office and your child’s teacher will get in touch.

In the event of school closure then class teachers will be regularly checking the class email accounts set up for this purpose. Please make contact with them this way or via the school office.