On Monday, we were lucky to have a visit from Roots to Food. Our Key Stage two children learned about the importance of eating breakfast, foods that fit into food groups around the Eat Well Guide and their benefits, where foods come from, cooking techniques as well as food safety and hygiene. Then two teams, led by ‘Head chefs’ (Mr Weekes and Miss Stephens) were set a cookery challenge based on surprise ingredients brought out of the kitchen. They had 15 minutes to create and present a nutritious meal. There was then a taste test!  Take a look at our photos below!

Thank you to the School Lunch Company who sponsored this visit and provided the ingredients for the cooking challenge.

The Cookery Challenge

On Monday 4th June, Key Stage two went into the hall to watch two teams-green and orange- prepare for the incredible cooking challenge!

I was in orange team with Mr Weekes. We cooked a coronation chicken curry. It was really hard but luckily it tasted absolutely great- amazingly good! The orange team got the most votes but I really think both were great.

I would do it again because it is really challenging but good adding lots of ingredients together. We only had 15 minutes to cook this dinner- so challenging!

To make our coronation curry, please click here.

by Kodi 


Click here for Green team’s Cheese, Chive & Salmon fishcake recipe


Key Stage 1 Make Smoothies


Team GB Visitor!

On Tuesday we were very lucky to have a visit from Stef Collins, Team GB silver medallist in basketball at the recent Commonwealth games. She spoke to the whole school about her achievements and journey through the Commonweath before leading some fun basketball workshops that every child took part in. Thank you, Stef!