Our history curriculum aims to develop exciting, stimulating, enquiry-based learning through our class topics. There are always cross-curricular links between subjects making our approach holistic and real to the children.

Through our history curriculum we aim

  • to foster in children an interest and curiosity in the past
  • to enable children to know about significant events and people in British history, and to appreciate how things have changed over time.
  • to develop a sense of chronology.
  • to help children understand society and their place in it so that they develop a sense of their cultural heritage.
  • to develop in children the skills of enquiry, investigation, evaluation and interpretation.
  • to develop an understanding in children that differences are not a barrier to achievement

We aim for our children to develop a real sense of chronology and to understand how the past has influenced their lives today.

Key concepts taught are:

  • Similarities and differences,
  • Continuity and change
  • Significance and impact.

We wish for our children to learn about a diverse range of people from the past and present, who have had an impact on our world today. Children are taught to challenge past stereotypes connected to gender, wealth, disability and cultural background.

By the end of their primary education at Ducklington, our children will leave with a strong historical knowledge, continuing their education with a curiously and the tools to further deepen their historical education. They will approach their learning inquisitively, think critically and look back fondly on their education of history, not just that in the classroom, but also through experiences offered by visits, visitors and resources.

Our Christian values alongside our school mission statements ‘Dare. Discover. Do.’ are at the heart of a curriculum where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential.