Our Religious Education curriculum aims to motivate and inspire children through an engaging curriculum that challenges all learners whilst ensuring that the school Christian values are at the heart. The distinctive Christian ethos permeates all aspects of school life and alongside our school mission statement; ‘Dare. Discover. Do.’ is at the heart of a curriculum where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential, develop enquiring minds and be critical thinkers.

Our curriculum is designed to deepen knowledge, skills and vocabulary across all year groups ensuring effective progression in the subject. Carefully chosen texts and stories are embedded throughout our RE curriculum and help children to understand and make sense of the world around them; our similarities and differences. We aim for all children to confidently express their own thoughts and raise questions whilst respecting the opinions and values of others’.

Our curriculum:

A curriculum that embraces us as a Christian school whilst broadening the children’s horizons, learning about and understanding other faiths in our multicultural society.

Incorporates learning that builds on children’s previous experience of that religion, delivered well through a subscription to Discovery RE, offering detailed planning that keeps firmly to our dedication of teaching about a multicultural society.

Enriches through visitors from a range faiths, giving children first-hand experience of someone/people who actively live a life in their faith. Visits external to the school, further aiding children’s knowledge of our diverse world e.g. to mosques.

Encourages children to embrace our differences in a respectful manner, ensuring to embed open-mindedness towards other people’s thoughts, beliefs and opinions. A curriculum that also further embeds our school values through meaningful teaching, questioning and discussions.

Encourages children to recognise and voice their own beliefs and opinions as we learn about others.

Children at Ducklington School enjoy learning about the diverse range of religions in our world, understanding how they differ from one another and respecting the choices of others. Throughout their R.E learning and their contributions to our class R.E books, our children are able to respond to challenging questions, explore their own beliefs, build a sense of identity and belonging and make links between their own lives and those of others in both their wider community and the wider world. Children will leave our school having developed their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness, also understanding the reasons that people may or may not choose to be part of a religion and continuing to foster their curiosity of the diverse world we live in.


Dare to explore other cultures. Discover similarities and differences. Do celebrate. Dare to be different. Dare to be open to new ideas and points of view. Do respect other peoples’ beliefs.



Whole School Bible Story Learning