At Ducklington CE Primary School we work in partnership with The School Lunch Company to make the whole school meal experience a good one for our children. We are very proud of the quality and variety of our school meals with The School Lunch Company providing  fresh, nutritional food cooked with skill and care using locally sourced products wherever they can. We have a seasonal ‘one choice’ menu and also have a variety of themed meal days over the year to reflect our topics and enrichment weeks. School meals are fantastic value at £2.40 per meal.

The School Lunch Company share our school values and we have a Family Service approach to school lunches; children sit in friendship groups at our tables and are served by the year 6 children who take great pride in this job. Children sit and eat together with a focus on conversation and good manners. Our lunch time supervisors and cooks support the year 6 monitors and ensure that all children have a balanced meal.