Getting Started!

To access this home learning resource, you have several options:

For the most convenient & accessible solution we recommend downloading the app.

After installing/opening the software you or your child will need to enter their school log in and password.


Locating Information

Once you have entered the log in details, your child will be able to see their ‘Team.’ Any work set or already completed will be in the ‘Assignments’ tab. Your child should be familiar with this from lessons in school.

Once in their ‘Team’ -In the ‘General’ tab, your child’s teacher will post any general messages and weekly Assignments will pop up in here.

If your child is unsure of the work for that day, they can ask a question in ‘posts’. Messages here will be visible to all in the Team.


How to get and hand in work 

Your child needs to:

Open the Teams app

Click on their class, then ‘General’, and then ‘Assignments’

Click on an assignment, then ‘+Add work’,

Click ‘Upload from my computer’, then attach the file they want to upload

Once they’ve finished, click ‘Turn in’

Made a mistake? Click ‘Undo turn in’ to return the work, and follow the last three steps to resubmit it.

Getting Feedback

If work has been marked, your child will get a notification in Teams.

They can find their returned work by following the steps below.

On a computer or laptop

Open the Teams app

Click ‘Chat’ on the left-hand side

From the list of contacts, click ‘Assignments’

Click ‘View assignment’ in the centre of the page


A complete guide for you and your child can be downloaded here

Help for Uploading work via the Ipad Teams App 

Some Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers!) can be found here

It is essential for school staff to be aware of any access issues that your child may have so that we can do our best to work around these and support them in their home learning. Please let your child’s class teacher know. Thank you.