Nursery and Reception have been learning about ‘Noah’s Ark’- what a beautiful hand print rainbow! The children learnt about God’s kindness through this story and how he is always there for us.


Have a look at Year One’s lovely work on the Creation Story. The year 1 children learnt how God loves us by creating our beautiful world.


Year Two have enjoyed reading about ‘Daniel and the Lions’. Year 2 children learnt that we don’t need to be afraid of scary things because God always looks after us.


Year Three read the story of ‘The Prodigal Son’. Year 3 learnt about forgiveness through this story.


‘Jesus Calms the Storm’ was the inspiration for Year Four’s writing. Year 4 understand that Jesus is always there for us and will help us in our troubles.


Year Five read about Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem. Jesus taught us that we can rebuild our lives and friendships even after a falling out.

The Year Sixes reflected on the Temptations of Jesus and how they can use self-control to avoid temptations as they move through life.