Ducklington CE Primary School is a member of ‘The Corinthian Partnership’. This is a collaboration of four local schools, Ducklington CE Primary School, Aston and Cote CE Primary School, Combe CE Primary School and Cokethorpe Junior School. We work together to benefit both pupils and staff from shared facilities, training and opportunities. All schools in this partnership have much to offer each other and this is a mutually beneficial relationship which impacts positively on the learning of the children in our care.

As likeminded, forward-thinking schools we together put on a programme of events and shared experiences for the children in our care. Some examples are sports’ tournaments and festivals, curriculum enrichment days and shared specialist teaching. These allow the children to meet and work with children from other schools, benefit from different facilities and expertise. We also support each other professionally and provide excellent training and collaboration opportunities for staff.


Click here to see photos of our first Corinthian Partnership days, September 2019