At Ducklington CE Primary School our aspiration is that every child reaches their full potential in a happy, safe and stimulating environment. This vision is achieved through the Christian values of mutual respect, friendship, perseverance and responsibility.

Ducklington CE Primary School is a values-based school. We strongly believe that values are crucial in helping us to makes decisions about how we lead our lives; they are the principles which guide our lives.

Our core values have helped us to develop a positive and caring ethos where every child is valued, respected and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our approach to learning is based in our core values of respect, perseverance and friendship; these values were agreed by the whole school community. Each core value has a strong Biblical link which we explore with the children through our curriculum and Collective Worship.

Our values are evident and explicit in all that we do; our children are thoughtful, respectful and love learning. Our staff are dedicated and enthusiastic and bring out the best in our children, challenging and encouraging them through our curriculum. Each term we study a new value in depth exploring how the value will impact on our lives and the lives of others. Values are modelled by our staff, discussed by the whole school community, shared with parents and celebrated frequently.

Our Values 2019-20



Term 1 Respect
Term 2 Forgiveness
Term 3 Perseverance
Term 4 Self-esteem
Term 5 Trust
Term 6 Honesty