Oxfordshire Cricket has created a cricket activity booklet which you can have access to, free of charge! All activities can be done at home, with limited equipment. 
The activity booklet includes three main topics; Be Creative, Lets Get Physical and Start Thinking. Each topic has lots of different activities which covers all key stages, but please feel free to pick out which you feel is appropriate for your children.

Oxfordshire Cricket Workbook


Be Creative

Create a Franchise Activity

Create your own Bat and Ball

Junior Reporters

Story Writing

Who is your Hero or Heroine


Let’s Get Physical

Alphabet Workouts               Balloon Balance

Scoresheet_Skills Challenges

Skills Challenge Cards KS1               Skills Challenge Cards KS2L

Skills Challenge Cards KS2U            Skills Challenge Cards KS4

Skills Challenge_KS3                        Skills Challenge_LKS2

Skills Challenge_Skills Matrix           Skills Challenge_UKS2

Star Shapes Star Skills






Start Thinking

Fun with Flags          Maze 1 _ 2          Umpire Signals          Wordsearch 1 – Oxfordshire Clubs

Wordsearch 2 – Cricket Equipment _ Clothing                Wordsearch 3 – Cricket Terms

Wordsearch 4 – English Cricketers