The global experience of the Covid-19 pandemic is causing fear, uncertainty and the need to adjust to our new ‘normal’. It is likely that many pupils, parents and staff will experience difficulties with social, emotional and mental health through this period of time. It is important that we consider how to support them both now and when everyone eventually returns to school. We hope you will find the Social Emotional Mental Health resources and links shared here useful. 


Creating environments that are emotionally safe

Getting Started With Libby (2020)



How are you feeling and ways to cope with anxiety visuals

Structuring Daily Literacy

Understanding Dysregulation for parents – how to support a highly emotional child


Betsy De Thierry has filmed mini snippets to help families who are struggling. E.g. Lockdown & Stressed kids
You can find it on youtube under Betsy de Thierry



BDA advice on reading, spelling, handwriting & homework for parents.


Blog from a dyslexic learner’s perspective