The play was about the old days like 1940s 1960s 1980s.

The play was scary and exciting and we were proud of ourselves. We were scared because there were loads of happy proud families that came to watch us. The teachers and every child tried as hard as they could.

The next thing that happened was the family were really excited and said their lines nice and clearly. Then some people came to the front and did a dance it was hit the road jack there were six people doing it, we all enjoyed it.

By Oscar and Kai.


The play was about a family who were talking about the olden days and how there was no technology and they had board games, skipping ropes and football.

 In the play all the people were good at acting and singing. The dance Thriller was really good, and 

X factor was funny and fantastic.

Everyone was dressed up but it was really hot. My Mum said she liked it a lot.

By Osian and Dylan.