Autumn 2018

Wow! What a busy start to year 1 and what an amazing bunch of learners we have!
Our topic began last Monday when a nest mysteriously made its way into our classroom… with a hatched egg and also another one – unhatched!! We thought about what might be inside and created our own labels. Some ideas suggested were… a unicorn, a bird, a moth, a dinosaur, a bat and many more!
On Tuesday we wandered in to find giant footprints on the floor, and guess where they were leading to… the nest! Our expert year 1’s detected that they were dinosaur footprints and they were right! On Wednesday we were greeted by our resident dinosaurs and now we begin our autumn term learning journey!
Take a look at our photos of what we have been doing (other than investigating the nest and being detectives!) look at all of our concentration, sharing, teamwork, co-operation and enjoyment we’ve had so far! These are all the things we need for a successful and fun year in Owls Class as we learn through play!