Spring 2020

What a busy Spring term we have had! The children were eager to learn lots about London and the amazing buildings found there! We researched and found out lots of information about buildings such as Big Ben, The Shard and Tower Bridge. We then thought of super describing words to explain how huge, impressive or spectacular they were! We also learnt a lot about the River Thames and how important it has been to London throughout history. We have most recently been learning about the Great Fire of London and how London of today was influenced by the lessons learnt back in 1666! Our Year 1 learners have learnt lots of amazing and interesting facts throughout their topic and their enthusiasm and excitement has generated lots of interesting discussions, displays and fun in our classroom!

Take a look at our photographs, they show lots of the exciting activities that we have been engaged in this term, including collaborating with another class to make a model of the London Eye!