March 2017

Year 1 and Year 2 visit STEAM

We had a great day at STEAM! There was so much to see and do that we needed another afternoon there! We learnt lots more about train engineers such as Brunel and Stephenson and we were delighted to be able to touch, stand on, drive and see many different trains! The lovely people who run the museum said how polite and well-mannered we were which is always good to hear! A Great Western Railway day had by all! We would highly recommend going again.

October 2017


Click here for more information about our Pirates and Fairies Day based on our ‘Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust’ topic!










We have created a piece of art as a response to a harvest hymn. Our verse was about stormy seas and catching fish. Next week the children will use their new art skills to produce their own work.



Year 2 used the forest school to visit Neverland. They explored the story Peter Pan. They recreated a pirate ship, made camps, built houses for Tinkerbell and walked the plank. We will use these images to learn to write exclamatory sentences.