June 2018

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March 2018

The Living Rainforest Trip

First we went on a long hot journey. When we got there we had a talk about safety for us and the animals. Next we went into the hot shady rainforest and learnt about what was safe to eat. Then we went to see an armadillo and a green bird.Then we went to find a sloth but we didn’t find it because he stays in the leaves. After we went to see the poison dart frog and they were blue with black spots. Finally we walked back into the other part of the rainforest and we saw the pink bird-eating spider, humans can eat this spider once they’ve burnt it on a stick.  

By Kayim, Honor, Mitchell F and Jake

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January 2018

Zoolab Workshop

November 2017

Learning even more about the Romans with an interesting, action-packed workshop! Photos here.

October 2017



Celebrating Divali as part of our RE learning.

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Preparing our Harvest display.


Do you like our Roman shields, swords and helmets?