March 2018

Visit from potter Jon Williams

Today we had a visit from potter Jon Williams of Eastnor Pottery. Jon started off the day with a whole school assembly where he showed us some of his skills on his potter’s wheel.

Year 6 had a fantastic day working with Jon .In the morning we worked in small groups to create different sections of a snail. Each section started with a flower pot, we then coiled clay around the pot and decorated each section using different techniques.It’s hard to imagine what the finished result will look like but we’ll be able to see our snail in all his glory when we see him on display in Kingham Lodge Sculpture Exhibition in May .

In the afternoon we created our own individual Kiwi birds to link with our Geography work about New Zealand. We decorated our birds with Maori designs and they looked very cute!

Witney Blankets Talk

We had an interesting talk about the history of Witney Blankets from Keith Crawford of the Witney Rotary Club. Mr Crawford showed us a video and various pieces of equipment that would have been used in the weaving process. Mr Crawford was also very impressed to see the weaving that we have been doing in class.


February 2018

IMPS Trip Witney Hospital 5/2/18

I enjoyed our IMPS visit . My favourite part was when we got to do CPR and making a cast. We also learnt how to use a defibrillator so if we have to do it in the future we know what to do.


IMPS is a wonderful program for schools. It was a good trip because we learnt really important life skills like CPR and recovery position. We learnt them because it could save someones LIFE !!


November 2017

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October 2017



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Ashmoleon Trip

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Junior Citizens Trip

Y6 had a fantastic trip to Rewley Road Fire Station in Oxford to take part in Junior Citizens. During our two hour visit we experienced eight different safety scenarios and everyone was given the opportunity to practice making a 999 telephone call .The two hours flew by and we had lots to talk about on our journey back to school.

Without giving away too much about the different scenarios here are some comments about the morning:

“I found the morning very interesting and very realistic.” – Darcey

“I think that the Junior Citizens trip was really fun and I learnt a lot about safety; they covered everything. I definitely recommend the trip.”- Luke

“I enjoyed the Junior Citizens trip because we were learning but it was fun .”- Jess



Y6 have had a very busy and varied start to the term. We have begun our English lessons by reading the fantastic ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar and have already shown that we have a class of children who are  very skilful in using their  inference and deduction skills  ; we have had some amazing discussions  and can’t wait to explore this exciting text together.

While some of us have been braving the elements to take part in Level 1 and 2 Bikeability the rest of us have been hard at work considering what making a commitment means and how difficult this can be. We have delved into Ancient Greece to research what life was like in the city states of Athens and Sparta and been horrified to discover that boys began their military training at just seven years of age. Even cycling through the torrential rain doesn’t seem quite as awful in comparison !