Zayn’s write up of the trip to the Ashmoleon

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On Thursday 12th, we went to the Ashmoleon museum in Oxford. The instructor took us to a statue art room with loads of ancient statues made by Ancient Greeks. None of them were copies and I thought that was amazing! Our first activity was where we had to get in a pair and we had to find a certain model and a fact. After that, we went into a roomful of objects such as armour, pots and jewellery. I recommend it because we got to hold real ancient artefacts- not copies but real! We went round the museum and found more things we didn’t know about so on the way back, we had LOADS to talk about. I personally recommend this trip for next year’s year 6.


Other comments from year six:-

“I learnt a lot of new things”      Alex

“I loved holding real Ancient Greek objects”     Duncan

“I thought the activities were fun”      Gem

“I loved the museum, it was really fun”     Zayn

“I enjoyed looking at the statues of the Gods”    Ellie